Backyard visit

Due to last minute cancellations, my sister, her friends and I ended up spending the night eating Zong food (YUM) and just hanging out instead of our usual D&D gaming. The rain was pouring, as usual, and the moisture brought in a little (or big, due to smaller expectations) visitor. We named him Gary, after Spongebob’s pet snail 😛

Quite disgusting but fascinating at the same time, huh? Amazing how much we know about the world through books and the internet, yet we are so enthusiastic when we see it for ourselves. Like this snail. It’s size, that elaborate shell–just one of those little (literally and figuratively) but rare sightings worth capturing. 

One thought on “Backyard visit

  1. Gary looks…cute in the picture, but I bet I'd freak out a little if I saw him in person.On another note. It seems like little creatures have been paying us visits lately – just yesterday a leech was hanging out on the ceiling of our bathroom. Thank God he clung on to it well; I was on the toilet seat, just right beneath him, for a while before I noticed.

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