Eat, learn, love

My last few conversations with Johna usually involve shoes, clothes, and graduate school. The first two being ones we can never get enough and the last something that seems so unreachable. Unreachable because of our dreams of fulfilling degrees in New York and any other happening city in the word. Seemingly impossible because money doesn’t grow on trees and thinking of the time management factor can be a bitch. I’m not quite sure if I trust myself to study while working in my current position. I have so much to learn work-wise already, and balancing that with classroom and workshop sessions might take its toll on me. But I should be brave enough to tackle all these stress factors head on. I’m a big girl right? I just don’t want to leave these important responsibilities short changed. True enough, time is created by humans but I would like to devote enough in all those aspects.

So I have to be patient. I can’t get things the instant I want them. I’ve learned things and people arrive when needed. I would like to study in an internationally-recognized grad school or at least, get enough recommendations here to get into a decent local program. But that takes time. I’m only turning 23 and that is young for a lot of people. In the end, I am only rushing myself and should enjoy and learn from what is already given to me. Work has given more than enough opportunities and now is the time to savor it all.