The Reading List

After staying up late to finish Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, I only thought two things: one, that’s it’s about time I started on my major writing goals and projects, and second, “Oh my god. That was awesome, but I need to read something with sunshine and rainbows to balance things out.” There’s no denying the pure awesomeness of Collins writing, but what really gets you is her execution–genuine and flawless, especially when it comes to depicting the horrors, injustices, and bloodiness of war. Just when I thought reading statistics and investigative pieces on TIME were enough to convince me that the business of war (why else would governments still allow them, right?) is the most unethical and unnecessary, Collins convinces you even more with the human element of it all.

But war is war, and my prefers-to-be-positive brain needed light and/or happy reading. Thankfully my fellow bookworm lent me Nina Garcia’s The Little Black Book of Style. It’s a fun and practical read, and the tips she gives are easy to apply to any kind of wardrobe. Although, there’s much editing to do with my current pieces, which are mostly old, worn out and not wearable. I’ll save that act for another post, though.

Next on the list is Malcom Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw. It’s kind of the perfect complement to Garcia’s book, since I need to expose myself more to non-fiction work. I’ve started the first few pages and yes, he is one of the best examples of “show, don’t tell.” Those three words are a number one rule for any writer, and even after 5 years into print, I still struggle with. Gladwell is officially up there with Collins, Murakami and Gaiman among the alive writers I look up to. After What the Dog Saw, I’ll go through the rest of his work and then maybe try a new author all together. Who do you recommend?


One thought on “The Reading List

  1. Am on that book, now on the third story. Super fascinating, it's difficult to put down (even if, for the life of me, I still don't quite get what he's talking about – this one's an article on bonds and stocks and whatnot. Lol).I would recommend Dave Eggers' A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius; apart from being amazing, it's also a Pulitzer finalist :pNext on my list are Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. Don't know if I could recommend authors I haven't yet read, but I have read great reviews on them. 🙂

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