When I grow up

As kids, we keep telling ourselves (and our peers) these four words, with hopes and dreams of becoming big. Then, we had no notions of paying bills, getting through taxes, and having to build the rest of your life. The teens hit, and your parents give you more freedom to meet people and somewhat stand on your own. But those four words are still said, as you pour through textbooks, snooze or listen through lectures, and shamelessly (or shamefully) flirt with the apple of your eye. The dreams are still there. But the responsibilities grow a thousandfold.

And the dreams are still there. At 22-going-23, there is so much to be done for my career–planning and a clear vision of which road to take included. I wouldn’t have imagined myself like this at 16. Just like Lea Michele said, (paraphrased) when I was younger, I thought I wanted to be married by 24 or 25. Now, no way! It’s too soon. Too soon. A relationship is one of many other things.

Oh, and every adult’s favorite: responsibility. The consequences to pick up, the money to be paid/spent/saved, and the plans that society dictates to build. The government and people around you sometimes refuse to cooperate (well always, for the former), making you look bad, no matter how well you perform with the rest.

Sorry, I’m just frustrated. Forgive this self-indulgent entry. I’m tired, have home-WORK over the long weekend, and not enough time to see my friends and hang out. Surely, others have worse problems, but hey, I’ve got a right to feel bad.


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