Keeping track

Life. It’s random. Entropy explains that the world’s natural reactions fall into disorder. But it is our human need and perception of law and order that keeps things in their “place.” Languages communicate to maintain an idea of clarity. This blog, I push myself to update and write to practice my chosen craft and also to record the significant moments of my life. So, a quick update on the last weeks’ latest happenings:

The move back south
My darling sister has recovered quite quickly from her accident the last few months, allowing us to move back to our home in Alabang. The commute is less of a bitch and communication (plus blog updating, Facebooking, and downloading haha!) within easier reach. Not to mention, the sweet reception of childhood friends welcoming me back. There really is nothing like the south’s slightly less crowded malls, clear and smog-free air, and friendly neighborhoods. But I will miss my grandparents, the frogs’ noise at night, trips to Forever 21, and riding the train home with officemates.

Fruits of our labor

Lonely Planet Philippines issue 2!

Wedding Belle’s latest issue and Issue 33 of DPP. Late post of 33 though, on my part.

Pet project

A few months ago, I decided to start a blog other than this one–one that specializes on a particular topic. After racking my brain for something specialized, I decided to do a TV blog. September is the perfect time to finally get started with this project, what with fall seasons coming up. I’m very excited about this project and I hope to improve my wit with this one. Visit me on the other side at Television Tease.


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