The necessary update

With a 1.5 to 2 hour commute to and from work, all I beg for at the end of the day is some vegging out and sleep. The last few days, I was able to finally finish the one and only season of Harper’s Island. Interesting twist but rather forced ending. It’s such a shame that an actor (Chris Gorham) I’ve liked since the 7th grade hasn’t been in long-term shows lately. His boy-next-door looks and reasonable acting skill really need more attention! Next on the series roll is Dexter‘s second season (yes, serial killers fascinate me), Joel McHale’s Communit, and once the season ties up, Pretty Little Liars. The last one has got me fascinated, general public’s reaction and all. Plus, it’s been a while since I saturated myself with a teenage show fix. I’ll have to wait a month till guilty pleasures Gossip Girl and 90210 commence their next seasons. The boob tube will always be a pleasure I look forward to and a constant inspiration I can write screenplays people will look forward to.

Speaking of looking forward, I also have to catch up on my How I Met Your Mother! Once again the limited hours in a day and our faulty prepaid internet connection hold me back from regular downloads. Hopefully, that condo my checked out the other day can be rented ASAP and my life can “normalize.” Not that the daily grind I have is normal, I just had to give up some luxuries for the move to Rizal. I don’t regret moving away, it just can’t be helped I need to be connected with the rest of the world. I can’t really do that in a place practically 2 hours away (traffic included). I’m grateful for old and new friends who keep me sane through the days, whether it’s at work, or hearing from them over text.

I also miss having time to sit down and write. Once again, I paused what I started, particularly a project where I force myself to write at the start of the day. Rushing to beat the traffic forces me to think otherwise, with me arriving just minutes before I’m considered late. Funny how the world demands so much to be done in minutes but it takes years for someone to be really good at something.

Am I losing time then? Delaying or not forcing myself time for the things that will matter in the long run? How does one fit all their responsibilities, traffic, and hobbies in 24 hours? If it takes 10,000 hours to be truly good at something (according to Malcolm Gladwell), I’ve got 14 years (2 hours a day), which is me at 36. Not that I expect one of those “hot, rising, upcoming”-s at 20-something, but I’m wondering if it’s too late.

Then again, time is made for. It doesn’t make room for you. Hence, this blog post. I have to remind myself to make time for what’s important to my personal growth, without losing hold of responsibilities to the world.