A time to pretend

Most people wouldn’t admit the following in their public blog, but as someone who prefers to embrace what she does and enjoys, here goes. On weekends, like any other working person, I cannot wait to unwind and have fun with friends. But unlike most people I know, my weekdays are spent counting down till my next game. These games take me back to the days when I played pretend as a child, stretching my imagination and somewhat losing myself in another world. But since I do so as an adult, there are rules, numbers, and preparation that comes into play. Also, a lot of human elements and the crafting of the story is inspired by an adult’s ability to create conflict and let things fall into resolution. During the last few months, I tagged along with my sister as we fought off monsters and bargained with all kinds of creatures as elves. Just yesterday, we entered an alternate Metro Manila universe reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s Inception in a game of Shadowrun. She gets to move her metaphorically agile legs around while I got to spew lightning and feel like Zeus, even for just a minute.

I wouldn’t call myself the most dedicated Dungeons and Dragons player (that would be her). Similar to how some people enjoy dancing the night away or having coffee late at night, this is how I prefer to unwind and still practice a little logic. I think they’re great platforms for a writer, as the stories that go on test players to get into their chosen characters and see how far their attributes and powers go. I have to admit, I tend to be rusty on the creative play department, but I think with enough time and planning, I’ll get the hang of going off elsewhere without spending thousands on a plane ticket.

Not that these games are a replacement for travel. I’ve decided they’ll be part of the creative exercises I need, especially as an aspiring storyteller-slash-storyweaver. This new goal is partly inspired by Rick Riordan’s The Red Pyramid and having heard Inception‘s allusion to Ariadne in Greek mythology. As human beings, we have the incredible power to create the fantastic legends and myths that have inspired all kinds of art forms: novels (which sprung from epics, songs, and poems that were just sung or said), photographs (which draw from the technology of light but follow the aesthetic rules of painting and drawing), fashion (where color, structure, and everything else that can inspire comes together), and the list can only go on. Here’s to more fun on the weekends and hopefully, a future story that gets people talking and wondering.

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