a week’s gone by

No matter how many times I remind myself that one must write everyday to “perfect” the craft, my body and confused schedules get in the way of my daily goal. This is definitely a bad sign since lately, I only seem to get projects through when they’re paid for. I have yet to master the discipline of finishing something through out of my own resources and “free-er” will. About time I get back on track on my morning requirement and start finishing (editing and uploading) those supposed blog posts saved on my Nokie E63’s office files.

Time will and always be my greatest challenge, even if in a greater scale of things, doesn’t really exist. As a colleague once said, it is a concept made by man to deal with change. But I have no excuse in saying I no longer have time because I don’t see much change in my writing. Change is gradual but it won’t occur until I’m fully into it.

On the brighter side of life, Johna and I attended a shoot for one of the magazines we work for the other day. Our lovely friend Kristine did an amazing job on the styling and I learned so much by just hanging around and soaking in what the photographers had to say. Holding on to Kristine’s camera while she was styling, I was also able to enjoy using the Canon G9. There’s a mental post it note in my head considering blowing some of my savings on it this Christmas! Finances aside, a small part of me also considered going into the visual medium. Such is the incredible power of reading daily about the latest cameras and impressive photographers around the country. But I have yet to master the power of words (as read in my previous article’s draft comments! eep! :)), so maybe I’ll archive the thought for now and save it for a better period in my life.

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