Thank you

The last three weeks of work have been quite a blur. Not that it’s been completely out of focus; with my former life as a chemistry student and a college paper editor/writer, it can’t be helped that I always look for something to keep me busy. After my first week at work, a friend asked during that weekend, “So, how’s it going?” and I answered, “Busy. Busy. Busy.” She replied with some uncertainty, asking, “That’s good right?” And I proudly said, “Yes.” Despite the busy and hectic commute home (as stated here), the ever long list of tasks, impromptu comments and revisions, the painful grammar mistakes, and the pressure of it all–I’m ever grateful to be where I am now. Nine months ago, I couldn’t even imagine how happy I would have been. Top that with the fact I have an officemate who’s been at it for two years and an old friend leading the way, I’m glad to know I’m somewhere where I can stay for a long time.

Comparisons with my previous work can’t be helped. It’s probably why I’m extra thankful for being where I am now. But if it helps with keeping sane, who am I to complain? Gone are the days of waking up and wishing I had an excuse to call in sick. The only thing stopping me from waking up at 7 am is the lack of sleep from the previous night and my body saying “OH GOD WE’RE COMMUTING AGAIN?”. But that’s about it. You could call it a honeymoon period, but here’s the thing: I enjoy the challenge of what I do. I want to work in magazines and I want to be a renowned journalist. And of course, there’s the happy, crazy, random and fun environment of the place. People never run out of jokes and lunch is always an ab exercise from laughing.

Also, in my former stint as an online writer, my only “hope” was making the money. I had nothing to look forward to in the previous office, so all I really looked forward to was payday and the extra from my freelance gigs. The material world was all I held onto; which wasn’t much, since the bliss of such is only temporary. The environment was terrible–cracking jokes was uncalled for and a manager even said “You’re not here to make friends.” For someone who likes conversation and completely Pinoy about pakikisama, I had nothing but cash to wait for.

Money isn’t my god. It never will be because I’ve seen how it eats people alive. What matters to me is the fulfillment of a career and building a name for myself. Call it pride versus greed if you will, but I’d much rather focus my happiness on what lasts.

The journey is only beginning. I’m sure there will be more seemingly impossible challenges on the way, but my enthusiasm for ambition can’t wait for the bit when I overcome those.

This post is probably subconsciously inspired by Vanity Fair’s cover story on TINA FEY. I’ve always admired her for being all things intelligent but fun in the media, and her attitude for it makes me believe in a woman’s power even more.

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