Addiction or dedication?

My day job involves putting magazines together and making sure the text and layout are flawless and comprehensible enough for public reading. Most people distance themselves from their 8-hour responsibilities at the end of the day. But me? Well, I decided to celebrate my second payday by buying the following magazines.

The August issue of Details, with the ever charming, adorable, and eee-able Joseph Gordon-Levitt graces the cover. Spent a week’s worth of commute money and food on this. But his gaze and fine suit form (oh, and the well-written article!) make the sacrifice worth it.

For Php 30, I was able to get a second hand copy of Vanity Fair’s Tina Fey cover from Booksale. Awesome sauce in all ways, considering she’s my idol and she’s absolutely STUNNING in this photo. The piece on her is just as witty and hilarious as her SNL skits and Sarah Palin impressions.

Next on my inspiration list is…

He’s my ultimate inspiration; the one I fangirl with all my heart and soul. I honestly felt hurt and angry when I heard someone insisting he was too “fat” and not so good-looking. Hopefully I run into it in Booksale one day. The universe may be holding it back because of all the work that needs to be done. I’d be way too distracted having this by my side. Hee.

One thought on “Addiction or dedication?

  1. Thanks goodness there isn't a Buccini at MoA, I would've probably gotten that too instead of my much-needed shoe replacement :))BUT! Guess what I found at National! No it's not Leo, but someone hotter: my girlfriend Katy Perry on the cover Esquire! HOMG she's so hot on it, seriously, and though at 599, I'm seriously considering buying it. lol. I'll go back tomorrow to see if I still want it. :))Geeeeeez. Not to worry, if I see a leo esquire I'ma get it for you. ^_^ Welcome to the magazineaholics club!

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