After a busy day at work and the almost 2-hour commute home, it’s seems impossible to really sit down and properly update this blog. Not that I’m regretting the responsibilities in my new job-it’s not boring and there’s always something to laugh about. But writing is a constant struggle and getting that perfect piece takes continuous time and effort. The details need to be analyzed, the structure fluid, and the ideas speaking a clear but palpable message. These challenges are ever present with what I do. The price I pay is the exhausted will to create something for myself. But I need to sit down and release those personal-but-not-so-private thoughts just to clear my head and put things into perspective. In fact, I’ve been doing this exercise where I write whatever’s on my mind in the morning while waiting for office hours to kick in.

Creation. It’s the struggle of any kind of artist, whether painter, writer, dancer, or singer. You want that striking piece that gets people talking. At 20 something, I’ve got three pieces in mind. I may not have a rigid five year plan but these goals are clearer destinations down the career road. I’ve kind of given up the whole I have to do this by so and so age because the last months have taught me the present can come out surprisingly unexpected (read: wtf, did that just happen?). Not that I have NO concrete plan. But there will always be that certain something or someone that will shift most, some, or even all your plans entirely.

Either the universe clears the path for you, tells you to slow down, or stops your plans all together. You have an entirely new problem in front of you that doesn’t seem to mesh with your intended future. But you have to stop and fix what’s in front of you. The problem will either change your plans entirely or advance. The present is just as important as your future. After all, you can’t get to the former without passing the latter.


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