I live and I learn

In the last six months of my employment, I learned a good deal about working sort-of corporate, relationship break-ups (care of an officemate’s story), and culture clash misunderstandings. Despite the relevance of these topics, I ended up learning more meaningful and significant topics during my last month of unemployment. So much can happen after a sibling’s life changing accident compared to a stable job and secure money. Playing it safe does have its advantages but the risk of resigning early and supporting my family has taught me so much more. Here a few life lessons that I’ve come across in the last few weeks:

1. Less spending, more needs- The problem with living my parents (emphasis on the plural form) previously and having a stable salary was my tendency to spend ALL my income as the disposable kind. I had no contribution to bills or what not since I was never asked. We did not pay rent so there was no financial responsibility there either. Sure I was able to save a significant amount in my “untouchable” savings account, but I ended up buying more wants than needs.

The move to my lola’s and spending weeks at the hospital allowed me to stick to the basic needs: clothes, a few pairs of shoes, and a modest place to sleep. Because I primarily live on sideline money, I only spend when I have to. The experience has been humbling and enlightening. It’s also taught me about what matters and what is too much. The simple life may be limited but it’s definitely not frivolous and unnecessary.

2. Home is where the heart is- My current residence is Antipolo. In August I will be moving to the condo in Manila. Some of my friends are wondering: How about the Alabang house? My reasons for staying away from there are rather personal. But one thing’s for sure: it’s not home anymore. As much as I will miss the large party space and proximity to friends, it is not where I am needed. Home is not a matter of material conveniences but of people who matter. A big thank you and endless gratitude to my grandparents, cousins, titos, and titas who have extended support throughout my ate’s accident. 🙂 You can’t always get what you want. But we definitely get what we need.

3. The universe’s master plan- My resignation was effective earlier than expected. At first I thought this would mean an earlier vacation. But the bigger picture was it gave me more time to help out my family throughout the accident. Sure there are times when I grumble at the universe for extending my unemployment period. But in the end, the universe is just placing me where I am needed the most: my family. At the same time, this current role allows me to really think about what I want for my career. I am still young and there is still time for me to figure out the future. The best decisions take time and are not rushed.


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