ganyan talaga ang life.

Rough translation: That’s really how life is.

I think that sentence pretty much sums up the last month. Since yesterday, June 8, I have officially spent a month:
1. Not living in my alabang house. At first I was at Asian Hospital to help my sister during her knee surgery. The technical name of the operation itself is too long, so just to sum it all up: two doctors had to work on both knees. After her three week confinement, we moved into our lola’s house in Rizal.
2. The move brings me to my stepping down as a “Southern Girl.” Yes, I am officially settled in north until August or September, when our condo in Manila is ready for turnover.
3. I have been unemployed for a few weeks now. But according to my good friend J, the unemployed title only takes effective after 6 months. I’ve been going to interviews but looks like I’m more needed by my family right now.
4. I’m focusing primarily on my freelance work now, allowing me to help my sister out and still earn money. The non-eight to five sched has also allowed me to contribute more to Clickthecity and since two weeks ago, to Asian traveler magazine. My first official article assignment will be in Anvaya Cove, Subic next week. I am so excited! 😉
5. Started the pen-and-paper RPG D&D. No, we don’t dress up in robes and shizz. Like ew. I’m just glad to have an outlet where I can kick ass with a sword and magic. 🙂

That pretty much sums up the whirlwind that was May 2010. I’ve learned a lot in those few weeks compared to the five months I was fully employed. But more on that later. For now, I have to go on with life once again.

PS. Sorry for the layout changes (for anyone who DOES follow this blog haha!). I’ve been searching for the right look but I never seem to find the right one. Maybe I should start learning photoshop with this flexible time…


One thought on “ganyan talaga ang life.

  1. "I've been searching for the right look but I never seem to find the right one."I know the feeling. Haha!I wish the best for your sister and job hunting. 🙂 Ooh and Anvaya Cove! Sounds exciting. Tell me when the ish is coming out!

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