Nothing quite like it :)

As we grow older, we yearn for the days when life was simpler and easier. We were young once, only thinking about the games to play and excited about the new things to learn. Despite the ease of childhood, there were times when we would yearn for the “super powers” of adults. Aren’t we all guilty of trying on our mom’s heels or carrying dad’s suitcase when they are not home? We were once fascinated by the power their adulthood held. But once the responsibilities kick in, we long for the “freedom” that adult life lacks. One has to work so hard just to get by. Serious conditions such as diabetes, dislocated bones, and hypertension get in the way. The beauty of youth fades and the disadvantage of age gets in the way.

Every young adult wishes they were warned at some point during their adult (no innuendos intended) fantasies of feeling rich and powerful. Yet such is the price of responsibility. How does one feel fulfillment without actually working hard for what they have accomplished? Taking the clichéd words of Spiderman: with great power comes great responsiblity. And as cleverly put by Kickass’ protagonist: with no power comes no responsibility.
Unfortunately, the divide between the rich, middle-class, and the poor gets in the way of rewarding hard-earned work. There may be fields that reward the best graduates and personalities for their credentials but everything else is about a matter of knowing the right people. It’s also a matter of knowing the right names or being related to them in the first place.
I’d have to admit there are times I wish I was lucky as the privileged set in the Philippines. They have the money, resources, and connections to open up businesses or to get into high positions. It seems effortless, simply because they are COO’s (child of owner/s) or carry a powerful last name. So many other people not included in that circle are not recognized for their efforts.
Forgive me for showing some slight bitterness here, but I’ve been spending my free (read: unemployed) time to think about my next career move. I grew up wanting to publish stories and still hold on to that dream. Short tales I have written have been printed (well, the more modern term would be uploaded) for thousands to read. But I’m just beginning and still have much more to learn about the business of telling stories. I haven’t been formally offered a position in the media and I’m actually awaiting call-backs. I still have second thoughts since the popular publications this country prints aren’t exactly companies I aspire to be in. As much as I love fashion and shopping, I want to invest my words and technical know-how into subjects that matter. My ultimate dreams are outside Philippine shores: Esquire, GQ, and TIME.
Considering my circumstances, I’ve thought about going back to teaching. A recent interview I had is for a position related to education and getting the offer could be a turning point in my life plans. In the academe, hard work and relevant knowledge is truly recognized. Your efforts are not wasted as you try to intellectualize what people need to learn. Although getting into that field will be difficult, at least I know the fruits of my labor will contribute to something greater.
Back then, I thought I’d have it all figured out by 20-plus. But recent events have taught me the best decisions take time. I see my resignation as a blessing because I’ve been able to slow down. My last job was a rush decision–something done simply to fill a gap without really knowing why. I hope the next round will be a long-term move and more serious decision.

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