On May 10, 2010, I woke up excited and ready to vote for the candidates I believed capable of changing my Mother Land. Unlike other mornings, I woke up ready for the day’s agenda and ready to face whatever challenges my polling precinct gave me. Living in a a privileged village, I was lucky enough to comfortably wait and vote in De La Salle Zobel’s campus.

The lines were very long but I felt a strange sense of hope while waiting patiently. You would be surprised at this turnout, considering people’s mentality about elections in the last few years. Even weeks before the election, I still heard my colleagues say “Will my vote really count?” with Philippine history’s tendency to cheat almost every government process (Hello garci anyone?). But the new process has proven to be successful and quick, with candidates whose votes lag behind conceding just days after May 10. Unlike the last decades, the losers have accepted defeat gracefully. Although the leading presidential candidates aren’t my cup of tea (I stand by my G vs G dream election), the minimal election violence and the diverse voting crowd reinstates the hope this country still has. Many major decisions will rely on our officials but the people’s insight and choices ensure that everything is running accordingly. Apathy and hopelessness are no longer excusable.
I just found it unfortunate that there were voters who insisted on complaining about the long wait. Every great choice involves sacrifice and hard work. Think of it as two to three hours for six years of your country’s future.

One thought on “Inked

  1. Sweeeeeeeeet De La Salle Zobel hahaha. I envy! :pYou know, I believe a lot of the youth felt that same way about this elections: hopeful. The new system, the increase in voter turnout, and decrease in election-related violence was nothing short of what seems to be the beginning of true change. Plus the sport that most of the candidates have been–it might sound like an exaggeration, but I found that rather beautiful and inspiring. It kind of gave me the feeling that, perhaps, this coming administration just might stand united and really work together to bring about the change we've long been wanting and, most of all, needing.You're right in saying that the Philippines have hope 🙂 Right now I can't help feel giddy about it all, hehe. Sana tuloy tuloy na to!

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