You say goodbye, I say Hello

It’s been a month since I last updated here, so let’s have a quick run through of what has passed:
– Got regularized at my current company, letting me enjoy two days of vacation leave with the TLS kids
– On the same week of my vacation, I decided resigning would be the next best move career/job wise. It had nothing to do with the beach trip. When I was asked where I was working at 7 am, I replied with “blah blah. Oh, but I’m resigning.”

That’s the most major thing that has passed so far. People who’ve heard me complain about my job wouldn’t be surprised. For a while I was willing to stay for a year, but labor code violations and lack of professionalism led me to move on somewhere else. I have some interviews lined up, and the companies seem a lot more promising. This time around, I’ll be after a career and not just something that will pay the bills.

The last six months weren’t all a waste. I learned a lot of things about myself, my career future, writing, and the working world. Apart from improving my problem with prepositions, I was able to realize I really work better in an interactive setting. A desk job really drives me crazy. For months, I’d come home and wake up not looking forward to what the job has to offer. Happiness is a choice and I intend to choose so in the next round. I know that there is no perfect company, but I am sure there is a job that will give me complete fulfillment.

The lack of people interaction also made me realize I’d like to go back to teaching. Maybe not any time soon, but it’s something to consider once I start on my masters. It’s really something else when you interact with the younger ones and try to guide them the right way. Also, education is the one other field (apart from health) not so affected by the recession. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up writing though. There are ways to combine these two skills.

Though for the most part there were difficult and depressing times, I am grateful for everything I learned in the corporate/desk job-type setting. I’m more grateful for the friends I’ve made and the editors I worked with. Now it’s time to move on to greener pastures and really eye out the long term.


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