taking your own advice

“Find something to be grateful for every day. Thinking about these things or people will keep you sane.”

This morning, I told this someone who badly needed encouragement and inspiration to get through a difficult period. Unexpectedly, it’s advice I need to follow right now, during these trying and confusing times. I won’t reveal too much information. Let’s just say, I’m experiencing sudden and extra stress. To combat these problems, I shall remember what I should be grateful for.

I am grateful for my boyfriend. Cheesy yes, but the thought of seeing him tomorrow made the shit of this day easier to bear. Oh god, I bet you’re vomiting right now at that last sentence. Anyway, we’ll be 3 years old on October 2010. A long time from now, but these last two years have molded us into a potential Lily and Marshall (from How I Met Your Mother). Although we’ve had some pretty difficult periods, we’ve gotten through those times and have stayed together. He’s a sensible guy, someone who listens and keeps my head in the right place at the same time. I don’t think I can ask for any more. 🙂


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