fell down the rabbit hole :)

If you’re expecting a review of 3D Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, then you’ll just have to read through the next two sentences. Although I’d like to brush up on writing reviews, I’d rather spend my writing “down time” on a life changing insight I got after seeing this movie. Disney’s second take on Alice in Wonderland was much better (and less scary) than the first 2D animation attempt. It was a visual feast for all the eyes and ears! Apart from bringing out Lewis Caroll’s vivid imagination, it also actualized what goes on in children’s heads. From the colors to the crazy yet funny lines of the characters, the latest Alice release really brought me back to the good days of childhood!

I used to write so many short stories as a little girl. Looking back on those days, I wish I could bring back the perseverance, energy, and imagination of seven to ten year old me! Writing all those stories are what pushed me to become a writer. At around 8 or 10, I promised myself I’d have a book of published short stories.

It saddens me that as we grow up, we lose such fervor and determination. Very few manage to still think like children at an older age. Note, thinking like a child is TOTALLY different from being childish. As adults, we pay for movies or read books to lose ourselves in another world. As children, we could easily conjure up a world like Wonderland, Narnia, or Mordor! Famous writers such as Neil Gaiman retain this young imagination. Is it too late for me to go back there? To find myself in a world where the impossible is possible?

No, it isn’t. We grow up to know things better, to see people, places, animals, and other things in different perspectives. Growing up only broadens the possibilities. At 12, your science teacher will tell you the speed of light is VERY fast. At 17, your professor says it runs at 3.00×10^8 m/s^2. At 20, you are fascinated at the mathematical derivation of E=MC^2. Yes, we see how the world really works but that doesn’t stop us from making more out of it. Scientists and engineers themselves have imaginations, coming up with well-designed buildings and solar powered cars. We grow up to apply and/or execute the wondrous things we once imagined.

taking your own advice

“Find something to be grateful for every day. Thinking about these things or people will keep you sane.”

This morning, I told this someone who badly needed encouragement and inspiration to get through a difficult period. Unexpectedly, it’s advice I need to follow right now, during these trying and confusing times. I won’t reveal too much information. Let’s just say, I’m experiencing sudden and extra stress. To combat these problems, I shall remember what I should be grateful for.

I am grateful for my boyfriend. Cheesy yes, but the thought of seeing him tomorrow made the shit of this day easier to bear. Oh god, I bet you’re vomiting right now at that last sentence. Anyway, we’ll be 3 years old on October 2010. A long time from now, but these last two years have molded us into a potential Lily and Marshall (from How I Met Your Mother). Although we’ve had some pretty difficult periods, we’ve gotten through those times and have stayed together. He’s a sensible guy, someone who listens and keeps my head in the right place at the same time. I don’t think I can ask for any more. 🙂