the university of life

The university of life has no flowcharts. There are no set curriculums, no regular classes with set teachers. Each day “discusses” different topics or requires unexpected field work “experiments.” Sometimes, it is filled with monotonous events that are only there to get you through the next day–or the next two weeks, if all you look forward to is pay day. Instead of terrifying majors, you have the terrifying prospect of the unexpected. Unexpected because you’ve finally graduated the expectation of being told what to do. Instead, it is all up to you.

There are risks I would dive in to take, given the money, citizenship, and opportunity. Yet at the same time, not having two out of those three as of the moment allow me to be more careful. Should I really do this? Or should I just be content with where I am now?

At this point, I’ve understood 2010 will be all about proper planning. I cannot make exact, calculated computations to predict an outcome. Life is filled with surprises. I can only expect so much but the rest will be up to me.

So, here’s to the 2nd month of the year. I am slowly reaching that “new direction” my life badly needs. And although it scares me I’m not sure where it will take me personally, mentally, or spiritually, I know that I should simply let things be…. life goes on, so should I.

Sorry to be vague, but so are my thoughts.


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