‘Twas the weekend christmas

For now, another list post. Here’s what I have to have to accomplish in the next few days to make certain christmas deadlines:

  • Buy missing baking ingredients for baked goods Christmas gifts
  • Christmas gift baking (Cookies for everyone! I have to finish this before my friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday night.)
  • Shopping for non-edible gifts (ie dad’s christmas gift)
  • Finish freelance deadlines by Monday
  • Bake Sam’s lemon squares (Sam M. is officially my first customer! Pressure for this task since she hasn’t tasted ANY of my baked treats. That’s how much she trusts me I guess? :))
  • Piligrimage in Tagaytay (For my ate’s US med license exam. 🙂
  • Give Sam squares after work
  • Kris Kringle/Wishlist shopping

Although the list makes me a little stressed, it’s a satisfying kind of stress. 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!


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