the end of a decade

2009 is closing in two days and I have yet to properly reflect on the year that was. The 9th year of the 2000’s first decade was a lot of things to me, so let me just enumerate the ways.

In 2009, I

  1. Graduated college
  2. Had two jobs. Currently on my second. 🙂 (freelancing doesn’t count here hehe)
  3. Learned the value of hard earned work and money (hence, more appreciation for my parents hehe)
  4. Achieved/accomplished 2 years of my relationship 🙂
  5. Fell in love with Glee (yes, that needs to be here BECAUSE THE SHOW IS SO AWESOME.)
  6. Took the first steps in learning what it meant to grow up
  7. had more time to reflect and READ
  8. decided to think and act out of the box after graduation. (read: i already have an answer for “but you graduated from a science course! why are you writing?”)
  9. made awesome new friends and strengthened old friendships

In the last 9 years I,

  1. Graduated High School
  2. Graduate College
  3. Finished a THESIS (yes, that needs to be in there!!!)
  4. Let go/separated myself from a bad seed but moved on to a GARDEN of friendships (i know, corny metaphor haha)
  5. have been to Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Bacolod. All three destinations I SO MISS.
  6. Had four friends leave for whiter and colder pastures
  7. Transitioned from the end of being a teenager to the beginning of being an adult
  8. fell in love for the long- run 🙂
  9. have used friendster, multiply, facebook, twitter, and tumblr. I no longer use the first two. Goodness, I wonder what kids 20 years from now will be using.

Unlike other years, 2009 was calm and refreshing. Partly due to the lack of units during my last term plus around two months of unemployment 😛 Nonetheless, I’m grateful for those relaxing moments and the people I met along the way. I’m a bit scared this year could be the “calm before the storm,” but then again, I believe I create my own destiny. There are certain goals I hope to accomplish by the end of the decade. Most of them still in the struggle of adulthood. Hopefully I can accomplish these and come out more certain about who I am. 🙂

‘Twas the weekend christmas

For now, another list post. Here’s what I have to have to accomplish in the next few days to make certain christmas deadlines:

  • Buy missing baking ingredients for baked goods Christmas gifts
  • Christmas gift baking (Cookies for everyone! I have to finish this before my friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday night.)
  • Shopping for non-edible gifts (ie dad’s christmas gift)
  • Finish freelance deadlines by Monday
  • Bake Sam’s lemon squares (Sam M. is officially my first customer! Pressure for this task since she hasn’t tasted ANY of my baked treats. That’s how much she trusts me I guess? :))
  • Piligrimage in Tagaytay (For my ate’s US med license exam. 🙂
  • Give Sam squares after work
  • Kris Kringle/Wishlist shopping

Although the list makes me a little stressed, it’s a satisfying kind of stress. 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!