My Set List for New Directions

In less gleekier terms: songs the glee kids need to cover =)

Mostly male-lead songs cause I’m a bigger fan of male singers 😛

1. 8 Become 1, Norweigan Recycling

The glee cover will be the cover that stomps all covers.

6. With or Without You, U2

This awesome song needs a full length cover. I’m thinking a duet between Puck and Artie (PARTIEE!!!! hahaha!), like what Lea Michele and Kristine Chenoweth did for Maybe This Time.

7. Paparazzi, Lady Gaga

Rachel’s creepy tendencies fit this song :)) I’m gaga over gaga, so I need them to cover one of her songs 😛 (plus it would be fun if they reinacted this AWESOME video)

I’m out, but I have yet to think of a solo for Tina from my favorite songs. Although I do hope she does Like a Virgin when they do madonna ahihihi!


3 thoughts on “My Set List for New Directions

  1. I. Would. So. Love. To. See. Puck. Sing. COLLIDE! *droolsLOL. Nice nice set list, it would definitely be interesting to see them do Madonna and Oasis and Lady Gaga heehee. The episodes have to come faster!

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