Just when I thought Glee couldn’t get any better than its 9th episode (Wheels), its writers and talented new actors prove us wrong with last week’s “Ballad.” The tenth episode returned to its signature comedy but continued to focus on the story line’s more serious issues. Finally, we get a closer look into how bitchy cheerleader Quinn is dealing with her preganancy. For a little background: Quinn’s pregnant with bad boy Puck’s baby but she lied and told her boyfriend Finn he’s the father. Puck and Finn are best friends, and only Glee member Mercedes knows who the real baby daddy is.

Now, with such a selfish and fucked up set up, you’d probably find yourself hating Quinn. But for some reason, I don’t. Even before her pregnancy issue escalated, I was rooting for her whenever she’d bitch out on Rachel for stealing her man. Pregnancy aside, do you blame her? Finn hasn’t broken up with Quinn so Rachel should be backing off–no matter how rocky their relationship is. And if the baby was Finn’s, all the more reason Rachel should stop pining. Haha, I guess I’m tired of always seeing the sawi-single perspective being so kawawa on TV, but no one really understands the girlfriend’s side. 😛

Not that I’m justifying her for lying to Finn and leaving out Puck. What she’s doing is wrong, but I just can’t seem to hate her. And after seeing her confront her family about her pregnancy and other family issues, I couldn’t blame her anymore.

“I’m your daughter who loves you. And I know this must be really hard for you. But I just need my daddy to hold me and tell me that it’s gonna be okay.”
— Quinn Fabray

This scene sparked an interesting conversation between me and a friend. She found herself crying for the dad, while I felt absolutely crushed for Quinn. I have a tendency to side with the underdog–I’m too soft sometimes, so when she said the line above, I wanted to hit her dad for being such a bastard. Sure it’s shameful to have a teenage mom as a daughter, but to kick her out? I don’t blame Quinn for keeping quiet either, considering how she explained the fucked up set up they have at home (they never talk about bad feelings). Get mad at your daughter, ignore her… but don’t kick her out. That’s still your grandchild, and she’s still your responsbility.


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