When will Filipino culture start thinking forward?

Homosexuality has been around since, well… forever. The Greeks and the Romans had taken it to the extreme, looking down on women and preferring men in their sexual attractions and practices. The old testament has referred to sodomy, even further proof same sex acts have been around for quite a long time. History proves that there have been people identifying themselves as gays and lesbians. This is who they are, a part of their lifestyle and their individuality. The only difference between now and today is people had to keep it quieter back then. But even until now, some cannot come out as openly and many still look down on them to the point of bigotry. I think a certain scene episode in Glee episode 9 proves this point.

But Glee is just a portrayal of reality. In real life, the Philippines has to deal with the backward/irrational decisions of the COMELEC. Although I am not surprised the traditional and religious members disagreed, I am shocked that they dared come out with this decisions with the following statements. Go ahead and make a decision but do so with SOUND LOGIC. Don’t base it solely on RELIGIOUS BOOKS and CONTRADICTING REASONS.

“We are not condemning the LGBT, but we cannot compromise the well-being of the greater number of our people, especially the youth,”

1) did the COMELEC ever stop and think, a significant part of the youth are part of the said community? or, since they are young, tyring to find their identity in the said community? Some people already know they’re gay at 6 or 7!
2) And how exactly do the LGBT compromise the youth’s well-being? Because they have an identity against your so-called morals? The youth need to learn how to be OPEN-MINDED, to accept people for who they are and understand what equal rights really mean for all. The youth need to learn what RESPECT really means.

the Comelec said that although the party presented proper documents and evidence for their accreditation, their petition is “dismissable on moral grounds.”

“Should this Commission grant the petition, we will be exposing our youth to an environment that does not conform to the teachings of our faith,” the Second Division ruling states.

1) Morality is subjective. No matter how much theology or philosophy you throw at my face, the world has so many religions no one can claim morality as an objective stand point.
2) There’s supposed to be a separation of church and state people. Not everyone is Catholic or Muslim. I’m a member of the freakin’ youth and many of the youth prefer to be agnostic/atheistic/non-practicing (insert religion here). It’s not your business what decision they make with their religion. But rejecting a gay partylist group is a violation of human rights. And that’s the biggest sin anyone can committ, especially in a position of power.


One thought on “When will Filipino culture start thinking forward?

  1. Firstoff: really, it was a surprise scene for them? *swoons* Why did they pull it off that way; are Cory and Dianna dating or something, or was it just for the episode? :pAnd, as for what you said in your post. I find it ironic how these people emphasize morality and yet, they themselves condemn other people. So much for basing their beliefs on their faith. Last I checked, the ultimate commandment is still to "love your neighbor as yourself." I believe "to love" also means to respect, and that applies to every human being. What the COMELEC is doing, therefore, is hypocritical. Ugggh. I also find it kind of shameful how the country prides itself on being Asia's "Christian nation" when so little love and a lot of discrimination goes around. Not to mention greed and corruption. Tsktsk.

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