keeping it real

In a little more than 24 hours, my boyfriend and I will be officially two years together. Because of conflicting work/school schedules, we had to celebrate it early today with the premier show at Philippine Fashion Week and (500) Days of Summer. It was an awesome weekend/start, as we were able to celebrate with two art forms we adore: fashion and film. šŸ™‚

After seeing the film, he mentioned that he’s no Tom. I was quiet at first–not because I was disappointed but because my head and heart were unsure how to react. Maybe three years ago I would have hated that he wasn’t a crazy romantic. But we’ve been together for nearly two years. Why should I doubt that he isn’t sure? To be truly sure about someone you love is a matter of sticking to that person and making sure what you have works. And we’ve definitely been doing that. šŸ™‚

Love isn’t about fulfilling expectations we’ve created from movies, music, or tv shows. It’s about discovering the possibilities with what you already have or may have.

My favorite line from the movie pretty much sums up what I have to say: “Robin is better than the girl of my dreams. She’s real.” -Paul, (500) days of summer šŸ™‚

My dream guy would be more talkative. He’d have abs like Zac Efron and probably have some dance training. But I fell for a guy who’s taciturn but has a lot on his mind. He’s got a lovely belly to poke and a singing voice that melts me every time. Benjo’s way more awesome than my dream guy. He’s real. He’s my boyfriend. šŸ™‚


One thought on “keeping it real

  1. I was going to begin with "I want a job," in response to your comment. I want a job because, I want to be able to spend money on books come payday tooooo lol. In any case, after reading your post though, I have to start another way.Aw! Congratulations (belated!) to you and Benjo! šŸ™‚ Thats nice what you wrote there, the last paragraph. And that quote by Paul was just a winner haha. I must agree, too, that although Zac Efron abs make me melt anyday…nothing beats a pokable stomach (si Jabin din hahaha) for life! :))As for Underground, sure thanks šŸ™‚ But when will we meet again? XD Do they have copies in Fully Bookd still though? If ever I'll just buy hehe.

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