I’ll be entering a new chapter of my life next week. The first chapter/season of post-graduate life has been an interesting ride, but it’s time for me to change setting and move on to a more practical setting. I’ve finally been offered a full time job as a web content writer at an online company. I honestly didn’t expect this, since the interview and offer happened in just two weeks (or to be exact, 5 days found in two weeks). From teaching children in a playful setting, I’ll be moving to an office set up in Makati. An abrupt chage indeed, but a more stable change I need to do.

I broke the news to my first kid/tutee today. He asked why and suddenly hugged me. :(( I knew no hug would be enough, but alas, we both have to go forward. Thank you Johann, for being such a joy to teach. Your crazy antics, endless hunger, and boyish sweetness will not be forgotten. =) I’m going to miss everyone else too–my fellow teachers, my first boss, and the other crazy kids. I’ve grown to like teaching, and maybe years from now, I’ll find myself shaping young minds all over again.

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