Ever since I’ve graduated, I’ve been able to spend more time with my friends. A lot more time compared to the times we had tests, group projects, and thesis as our routines in life. It’s been great reconnecting and catching up with one another. It’s also amazing to observe how our discussions have grown from talking about orgs and classmates to co-workers, bossess, and earning money. The more important topic we always come across is where we’re all headed years from now. Ah, the crucial question for every fresh grad. Our first jobs are obviously not the last destination, but talking it out with another gives a lot of perspective about our futures as adults.

Today, I was asked by a friend I haven’t seen in 2 years “what’s your life plan?” To be honest, the surest goals I really have are: get married and have children. Not so feminist for some, but it’s the only accomplishment I’m sure I’ll get fulfillment. As for a career, I’m not quite sure. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, but it’s really mostly for the money and not quite the intellectual work. Opportunities in the media are almost none for me since my degree has nothing to do with the actual work involved. Freelancing is promising, but my parents are really intent on me getting to some where more stable. To top things off, I have a mini project that’s yet to find fruitition and my tutoring job. So far, the latter has really been the most satisfying. I really love somehow making a difference with these kids and giving them the confidence in their academic work. I guess I just really appreciate things more when you see the concrete results.

If I were to properly answer that question, I’d say it’s to learn from what I’m doing right now. I’m still growing as a person and I know I can improve so much about myself with these kids. I still have a problem with my self-confidence and I know I can build it better when I teach. How else can I be sure what I tell them is right if I don’t believe in it myself?

Having said all this, how do you explain that to adults? I know, I should be one to, but finding the meaning of that word according to the standards of older people is something that takes time. I know my dad is trying to suggest stuff to me out of care, but I’m just so put off when he has to add “so you can work for so-and-so company” after. I wish I could hear do this, because it’s the right thing to do and you can learn from it. Not, because you can make billions. I don’t want to drive myself into a corner and just keep money as my sole goal. Money’s great, but please. Mom always told me, do what you love and it will follow.


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