It’s been quite a while since my sister and I have been able to go on a vacation that’s practically just the both of us. During our last two visits to the states, we could only go individually, only with the company of our relatives. Luckily enough, the timing and finances for the Hong Kong trip permitted me and my best friend to explore the wonderful city together.

Almost unbearable hot weather aside, exploring the accessible city was definitely a memory I’d like to repeat. There wasn’t enough time, only able to explore the Kowloon side more than the Hong Kong side. Nonetheless, I keep on reliving the surprising but delicious food trips, gorgeous scenic ocean view, gorgeous city lights, and yes, the food!

Travelling gives me another kind of rush–an exposure to people, elements, and another kind of culture that gives me a more balanced understanding of the world. I can’t wait to continue this trip with my future savings and be able to embrace more of this city. 🙂


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