Stopping from the rush

In the rush that was April to now, I almost forgot I am only 21 years old.

Not even marching yet, I decided to work for a small company around my area. They were in need of a writer–a calling I’ve always answered to regardless of my situation. The type of writing I’ve been doing isn’t what I want in the long term, but it’s a decent job nonetheless. Sure there’s no pay or ’employee’ benefits. But the experience I’ve had in nearly two months has taught me a lot more than what I had expected then. My function has expanded to more than just a writer. I’m currently promoting a contest and looking for sponsors. I’ve also brainstormed on what kind of clients need to be our target.

With all these responsibilities, I am even more confused what direction my career will really take in the next five years.

Not that I regret the reconsiderations that have come up. I will never let go of the need to write and the power of written communication. However, it is refreshing to find myself working towards building a business. At this point, it’s an MBA vs. a master of arts in journalism at Columbia. I’m confused yet excited.

At the same time, I don’t want to become someone who jumps from one field to another either. Committment is another huge factor that stabilizes a career–which at this point, hasn’t become specific. Far too often, I’ve found myself thinking, why hadn’t I thought of these things in high school or in my early years in college? Then again, the lifetime career formula isn’t the same for everyone. Life is just throwing the possibilities at me. It is up to me to decide where my destiny truly is. I’m only 21; I’ve got more than enough time to figure it all out. =)

One thought on “Stopping from the rush

  1. “Life is just throwing the possibilities at me. It is up to me to decide where my destiny truly is.” – I like that. So true. 🙂 Somewhere in all these possibilities and opportunities you just might be marching toward the place you could both write and make use of everything you’ve learned. (I can’t wait to graduate now, lol). Go Gela!Oh and Gela, sabay tayo sa Columbia! XDAnd thanks for the murakami recommendations, I’ll get my hands on them–as soon as I can get my hands on some extra money, hahaha.

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