17 Again

There was only one reason why I couldn’t wait to see 17 Again.

The movie was obviously relying on his Disney fame and good looks to guarentee ticket sales. The first scene satisfies the expectations of every straight girl/gay guy in the movie, with the camera giving a full, detailed view of AWESOME AWESOME upper body. That shot alone explained why many women lash out on Vanessa Hudgens (even if they project using other reasons. I mean c’mon girls, she’s not that famous and avoids the paparazzi). But the movie dares to go a bit deeper, but still retaining the natural light feel which every comedy is expected to deliver.

Although the basic plotline has been done more than once before, 17 again offers a twist that appeals to the current generation. Mike O’Donnell (adult played by Matthew Perry) is about to be divorced from his wife since high school, Scarlett O’Donnell (Leslie Mann). To make his adult crisis worse, he has no connection at all with his two children, Alex (Sterling Knight) and Maggie (Michelle Tratchenberg). With his life at a standstill, he only wishes he could go back to his senior year, when life was full of possibilities. He is granted this by some twist of fate, becoming 17 again (Zac Efron), using this as his opportunity to get close to his children. An interesting and awkward reconciliation process begins, showcasing Zac Efron’s comedic timing. He surprises the audience by showing that yes, he can do more than sing and dance while playing basketball. He executed the proper awkwardness by showing he can play a dad struggling to get his life back in a 17 year old body. The possibilities are obviously endless with Zac Efron, who has not let the attachment of tween to his Troy Bolton image get in the way of a promising acting career.

All in all, the movie is a good watch, to be shared with your fellow Efron fan girls or even to reconnect with your dad. Although I would have preferred to wait for a download/DVD to be available, but then again, that’s just my empty wallet talking. The cinema wide screen abs made the wallet emptiness soooo worth it.


One thought on “17 Again

  1. I agree, Efron was surprising indeed–in terms of his acting. His hotness, well, more than expected. I think I’m one of those who do not like Vanessa for him hahaha. In any case, I like the movie too, it isn’t cheesy yet it delivers a sweet message.

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