Last He Club Post, Promise

So the mole says, who gives a fuck, on his attempt to write about my favoooriiitee show, Helium Club.

He brought up pretty good points, such as, no one will really notice Helium Club (considering how bad it is, trailer pa lang). The only people that will bother are those who have friends in it (or are just as self-absorbed) or those who enjoy seeing more reasons to mock it (ie, Gela, Eric and Darcy).

But what irks me the most about Helium Club is not the self-absorbed elitists involved, but the fact ang sayang kasi. Sayang ang: 1. pera 2. oras 3. medium 4. pera 5. oras. 6. pera

There’s an economic crisis, the middle to lower class have hell of a time finding a job/or are underemployed, and these kids still feel like burning daddy’s fat wallet. The elitist culture has existed for years, and it shocks me that spoiled little rich kids still works for these families. How can it? How can you want a child that will just waste your money?

Essentially, it’s just my frustration with money. But then again this is the Philippines. Money has always been our frustration. Money is there, but is either wasted by the corrupt or on the elite’s boredom busters.


One thought on “Last He Club Post, Promise

  1. Ang daming sayang no? Hehehe. I think we’re on the road to self-destruction; I hope everyone realizes it before it’s too late. (Self-destruction as in, we’re killing the earth, by wasting precious resources; and we’re killing time doing so. Sigh.)As for calling up bookstores, I just might do that. And will let you know when I do find it ;D

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