More Helium Club Fail

The friend who had linked me to this Helium club madness brought up an interesting point: What if it was merely poking fun at themselves? Should we be really taking it seriously?

Yes, we should. Because that is the problem with pretentious elitism in the Philippines. They take themselves so seriously that their shallow lines and mannerisms need to elevated upon a fake pedestal. Again, it does not solve the problems our country faces. The website insists that it offers an “alternative solution,” saying:

“After all, the Youth of this Nation has been tired of hearing, seeing and witnessing the grim Manila, The Philippines that is highly-publicized all over the World, thanks to the International Press. It is time that we show the other light of this Nation through a Reality Show that talks about friendships and not poverty, night outs and not terrorism and a vibrant urban lifestyle over the usual corruption and street demonstrations that regularly painted the almost-hostile image of this country to the World.”

By stating we are TIRED of hearing about the “grim Manila” means we are not facing the harsh realities of the Filipino. Escapism has become too much of a staple for both the rich and poor–but the rich have the means to escape harsh reality or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, so that such an image isn’t projected worlwide. The rich have the means, the resources, and the connections to make a big difference in our nation’s plights. We are all accountable to the grim Manila you speak of because we have not done enough to project a decent image worldwide. Of course the International Press will make others aware of our problems. It is the press’ fight against apathy–to let countries with better resources see what they can do help us. But in the end, it is our job to know what exactly needs to be done because we are the grim Manila.

Oh, if you are going to the a ‘satire’ poking fun at these kind of people–do it in a witty way. Check out what Jon Stewart, SNL, and the Soup have done. If you wanna be so smart about it, don’t do it without common sense.

Oh, and if you’re going to defend yourself, at least use PROPER GRAMMAR, structure and get straight to the point. How can anyone take you seriously if you present your ideas like that?!


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