Do We Really Need Anymore?

1. Watch this.

2. Find someone to rave and/or complain to about it.

3. If you’re raving about it. Do NOT read on.

4. If your brain just splattered on the floor or cringed in disgust, continue to read.

5. WHAT. THE. HELL. The idea isn’t original in the first place. Another show about the elite? Another attempt to make the masses feel like they’re taking part of the ‘glamour’ of designer overpriced culture and clubs? Is this what Philippine media needs? ANOTHER copy cat idea? Oo na, you’re an “online reality show.” Wooooh. Watch me make hanga to the max!

Ano ba. ANO BA. We don’t need another reason for the elite to overindulge on their vanity. It’s a reality show, so you’re just going to follow them around, edit the juicy bits; what substance will anyone get out of it? Trailer pa lang. Anong makukuha ko diyan? Marunong magsalita na parang elitista? Hindi ko yan kailangan. Hindi natin kailangan i-encourage yung culturang elitista sa Pilipinas.

We need something that will make the SMART viewers be in awe at the originality of your concept. We need something that talks about the real problems of our country. You want to talk about the youth in a ‘cool’ but relatable way? Show stories of people who are having a difficult time starting independence because they don’t have a trust fund to burn. Show people who worry about paying bills while being underpaid in their jobs. Show people who end up in call centers after a degree in Math or English. Show people who want to make it on their own, and have so many hindrances to beginning independence. That’s reality. Reality that has something relevant to say about us.


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