Susej would not be happy

So on Holy Week, some families go to the beach. Some stay at home because they have no money for the beach, resting with activities they would usually not do cause of work.

While others, have strange parents/house culture that bans them from any form of ENJOYABLE activity because Jesus is dead. *rolls eyes*

Yes, Jesus dead is devastating. But idle minds lead to sin, and by banning any form of activity, what are you left to do? A friend of mine isn’t even allowed to use the internet!

What really pains me about Filipino Catholicism is the fact it takes everything so goddamn literal. I’m not even talking about people crucifying themselves. At least they have something to do in their time. But people who can’t go out and do anything in order to be solemn?

Faith is meant to be something personal. We will never truly understand its meaning if we understand its concepts all too literally. It becomes a habit instead of something integrally a part of our hearts and minds.


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