Today was my last exam for one of my two subjects this term. Mostly a challenge–nothing surprising considering my brain capacity and the department I am in. It didn’t feel like one of my last tests either, but I guess the “almost there” syndrome of graduation hasn’t fully kicked in.

As for my stint and times as a staff member/editor of The LaSallian, today is the beginning of such an end. We finally tallied the scores of our executive editors/top three aspirants 30 minutes into the GA set for the announcement. It was a very intense moment, as the calculations took some time (*ahem) and deliberations were made. As soon as Jabin maximized his excel window, the results were truly shocking to both incoming and outgoing aspirants. Three of them had initially ran for section editors/manager positions. However, based on last year’s EB race/under-editor/staff’d experience, we decided to give all the aspirants a chance, regardless of the position they wanted. It turned out that overall, these three had the highest scores: Ms Gianina Densing, Editor in Chief; Julie Yang, Associate Editor and Arik Abu, Managing Editor. I saw Arik’s potential actually in his interview for my position this year, but I was still (pleasantly) surprised his score made it. [“The Secret” works nga!] :)). As for Ms Gia, it seemed like only yesterday that I was interviewing her for the Menagerie. *sniff* They grow up so fast!

Reactions so far have been mixed. These are completely surpising and unexpected results. People have been involved in this race on a more personal/involved perspective, hence expectations based on what we had observed led to bets on who would be The LaSallian’s next tough editors (i hate the word top. really.). However, unbiased and accountable basis for such results are needed to have credibility in the process. The scores spoke for themselves. A few flaws were put into light though. One is the length of the tough 3 exam, which was not at all feasible for 3 hours. Soft skills have been mentioned as well. As I said, the results were not expected. But how much power do subjective expectations have? As a scientist, quantifiable results beat subjective observations. There would be no point in trying to influence the system in working for your expectations. If it were so, then why not just appoint someone to the position?

In the end, it’s a matter of proving you’re worth the position you’re given. Life really takes you by surprise, and calculations are only made to understand the chaos that happens in nature. I’m proud of those three, and I will do everything I can to help them have a good start next school year. Good luck gu-uys. Drink red bull, coffee, and mag-gimik din kayo para di kayo magwawala. 😉


One thought on “Supplies!

  1. I didnt mean to make you feel bad? XD hehe.I was surprised too with the results, but you're right, the year has yet to begin to prove what they can do with the positions they're given. :]…I can't believe we're finally done with our terms; that the weight's finally off our backs. Hehe. I have to do some getting used to approaching "the beginning of an end." This is a potential topic for the next blog. Hehe.In any case, I'm pretty much for helping the next batch as well, at least in the next term I'll be at school. Oh wait, I guess it's not completely the end after all. :>

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