It’s Perpendicular, Not Parallel

DLSU is currently having its job expo for the week, so I’ve been giving my resume left and right to various food companies and laboratories. My love for food is pulling me back into practicing what I’ve studied for four years. I also submitted my resume to a company looking for English Writing Tutors, which is what I’m actually after for a start up job. A plus of the tutor job is that it’s so near home! *crosses fingers*

I also ran into two dear old friends, Toper and Anna at the expo, and Anna asked me if I had applied to any newspapers or such. My blockmates may be future doctors and movers of Chemistry, but that’s how they distinguish me: the girl who edits their works or restructures their sentences. Unfortunately, there weren’t any publications looking for recruits, so my practical nature decided to go for the food companies. However, Anna’s question got me thinking yet again, where do I want my life to go? How will I reconcile my writing talent and my technical background? Of course, there are jobs for technical writers, research assistants, etc. But my four year stay in TLS has taught me to love journalism, no matter how risky or crazy it can/will get. I think Johna put it best with these words:

Once you find out what brings life to your existence; what makes every breath you take, every beat your heart makes worth the milisecond, there isn’t anything left to understand but that you’re very being is meant to do just that.

I never really felt I was “meant to be a chemist.” I’ll be honest–it came from being a fangirl of CSI–and that didn’t last long. You grow up, learn more about yourself, and try to find meaning in terms of reflection and action–and not just for the thrill. This leads me to where I am now.

But of course, experience in huge food companies will be to my benefit. A writer needs something to write about–and that comes with experience! Plus, Sir John Nery mentioned in a talk that the gathering of data for journalism is very scientific, meaning all the same conditions should be met and such. In fact, the scientific method is applied to writing the news: observe, problematize, gather data, experiment, and then hypothesize. Journalism just has a different approach to the method and the topics range from arts to the sciences. Finding the reconciliation came with what Mr. Nery said. I used to think the journ road and the science road were parallel–but now I see they’re perpendicular relationship (okay, lumabas na ang nerd!)

I guess for now, it’s a matter of keeping options open. My mom’s not hurrying me to work, insisting I rest–but I really do want to help my family out. Plus, I know I’ll get sooo bored at home eventually with nothing to do. Hehe! Anyway, I’ll just give all this thinking more time. I’ll just have to go back to my studying. Oh un-wee. =P


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