we just are

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of time travel. I could never wrap my head around the possibility (even if what we read/watch on the subject is FICTION) because of the discontent state humans are always in. Some of us wish we could take back a certain regret or INCREDIBLY stupid mistake through time travel. But if we did, we would have made a different mistake or done something else we’d regret anyway. We can keep on wishing we could take back the past or move on towards a better future.

I ended up reflecting on this matter because of a question my boyfriend asked me today. You see, sometimes he likes to ask me “what if” questions. Today, he asked me a very odd question: what if I had met so-and-so and him at the same time? Who would I have noticed? I did not like this question at all. “What if” questions are great ways to stretch your imagination–but not when you’re dealing with matters that are going on until present. My discomfort for time travel and alterations of history came out, and I responded by saying I met so-and-so and him at separate phases of my life and at the appropriate circumstances.

Which brings me to the best way to tie up my answer: what matters is what we have now–regardless of the “bruhaha” of the past, the present will always be there. I guess the hierarchal system of Western thought somehow confuses us when we reflect on a general overview of our lives. But when evaluating one’s life, it’s best to go Eastern about it–things simply are. Life is meant to be embraced, not lived a few miles forward or backward. I couldn’t answer his question because I am perfectly content with how things turned out. No superpowered time travelling machine will make me want to change the relationships I have today. πŸ™‚


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