It’s funny how easily we grow tired of things. Just a year ago, I was totally hooked on the show Gossip Girl. My interest in it probably stemmed from a lack of a show to watch and a (then) much needed break from academics. I got a break from it when the first season ended–and it did not end on a good note. They obviously held back with the possibilities of the story (which wasn’t much in the first place). You see, the show’s muse, Serena was supposed to get into trouble for allegedly “killing” one of her colleagues. However, once the truth was out, all she really did was leave her colleague after he had overdosed, called 911, and hid when the ambulance arrived. Lame! No excitement there.

It got even lamer as the second season progressed–inconsistence character pursuits, repeated storylines (on and off relationship again?), and soap opera type plotlines (you and your boyfriend share a brother? augh and ew!). I got bored, but was still overwhelmed a lot of people my age were still hooked on the show. Maybe I have grown way too observant. Either that, or I was just looking for something new.

That “something new” came in the TV comedy Ugly Betty. My mother was hooked on the local adaptation, so she asked me to download the American one. Her work filled her schedule once the downloads were done, so I ended up giving the show a try myself. Indeed, it was very refreshing and entertaining–something I wasn’t exposed to in the past. I had been limiting myself to stupid teen dramas, forgetting that the comedy genre existed. The Christmas break also led to me How I Met Your Mother… and yes, it was (wait for it) LEGENDARY! Unlike the past, where I finished shows for the sake of knowing what happened next, these shows gave me a reason to look forward for something unexpected in each episode.

I guess my shift of TV genres may also come with age. The characters from the two comedies are all working–with betty having dreams of owning her own magazine and the HIMYM cast struggling to kick off their careers. The former is a long term goal of mine and the former is something my friends and I already doing. When I attempt to continue Gossip Girl out of boredom, I just yawn and figure I can get the same story from village gossip. I’m really at that stage where I’m looking for something more, with a whole life ahead of me. Now it’s really hit me: I guess this is growing up!

With my age also comes a need for things to be simpler. My two favorite shows are comedies–meaning, despite having relevant life lessons at the end, these are carried by the characters’ sablay (off) moments (Barney Stinson and Lily anyone?). As more experiences and responsibilities come my way, I want a way for these things to become simpler–these comedies have a way of making life as so. Life may have its tragic, scary, and crazy moments–but in the end, all one can do is really just laugh about these to keep sane.


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  1. Yeah, it’s quite surprising that comedies are more mature (at least the good ones) as a TV genre than others. Maybe it’s because other genres try to be realistic with unnecessary complexity even when we clearly know they are artificial. Comedies, on the other hand, embrace their artificiality–they often derive the humor from this very characteristic.Excellent last line, by the way. 🙂

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