Turning 21 means a number of things to different kinds of people. When I turned 21, I didn’t feel any different from 19 or 20. I could attribute this nonchalant transition to my relatively boring Christmas break (my birthday is on December 27). Vacations are great, but I get easily bored since there aren’t much challenges or an assortment of people to run into (my parents aren’t the out-of-town types). It was only when I started my last term in college that it sunk in: I am in my first year of adulthood! I’m just a few months from graduation and that means a few months from my first attempts at independence.

Ah, independence. It sounded like such a wonderful word back in high school and oh, so empowering in Kelly Clarkson’s song. Right now, it’s a mix of empowerment and fear. I’ve been thinking about job options a LOT on the way home from school. And with those thoughts come scares of the financial crisis and competitiveness in the employing world. I really do want to help my parents out, because I’m tired of being such a leech to them. I just really hope that my chances in the working world are enough not only to help my family out but also to get started on my career/long-term dreams.

Actually, the reason I’ve decided to step out of blogging in social networking sites has much to do with my reflections on growing up. But what really made me step out of that shell was a news writing talk yesterday (which we also organized weee) at AdMU, with Mr. Erwin Oliva as the speaker. He works for inquirer’s interactive website, and instead of delving on the skills needed in writing, he talked about the new forms of media online: twitter, plurk, etc.–otherwise known as microblogging. Journalists no longer just cater to the readers as their consumers; it is their consumers that also MAKE the news. As an aspiring journalist, this blog is my first major step in fulfilling this career. I used to think blogs were just about complaining or writing vague entries about matters of the heart. But four years in a publication have made me think otherwise. There’s no point in limiting myself to those I know personally.

So here I am. This is just an introduction, and I hope to deliver more relevance in this crazy world called the internet.


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